About Us
  ZhengSheng Ceramics Factory is located in Chaozhou - "Chinese porcelain" on this fertile land. Adhering to the ancestors profound ceramic culture, combined with the humanized design concept, designers attracted by the design of the product sections, carefully crafted, completely personalized, quality into one, Jin Lu classic original, more integration of the West design, taking into account the usefulness of the product.

  Constantly improve the update, the product line, matching the extreme. Chaozhou ceramics factory being liter adhere to high standards, high quality, high-grade product positioning, focusing on inviting Yin material, based on innovation, strict implementation of national standards for production, detection, using scientific, rigorous detailed management, perseverance, strengthen the sense of quality, in good faith, in place of the service concept to expand the market.

  Development of positive liter ceramic, a unique vision, advance the awareness and implementation of brand strategy, corporate image tree, market-oriented, technology-backed talent as a fundamental, open up with "is up" unique brand of Road, is ceramics will continue to rise, with a new attitude swagger, into the future with you! ......
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